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  • Medical Gas Mixtures
    Medical Gas Mixtures

    BOC supports a broad spectrum of medical and healthcare needs

  • Laser Gas Mixtures
    Laser Gas Mixtures

    Laser gases supplied by BOC have been developed with laser manufacturers...

  • Hospitality, Food & Beverage Gas Mixtures
    Hospitality, Food & Beverage Gas Mixtures

    Food and beverage gases are supplied by BOC for use in the hospitality...

  • Refrigerant Gases
    Refrigerant Gases

    BOC offers a full range of traditional refrigerant gases with HCFCs such...

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen gas is supplied by BOC in various volumes and purities for a...

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen supplied by BOC is available in range of cylinder sizes, purity...


  • STY Drage & STY Mostyn Fencing

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items