B&D BAL-Maze™ Fire Resistant Sectional Garage Door

Protect your home in bush fire prone areas with a BAL 40 rated B&D® BAL-Maze ™ Garage Door. B&D® has the only BAL-rated door system in Australia tested by CSIRO and confirmed to pass BAL-40 performance requirements, when fitted with BAL-Maze™ and installed on a B&D® sectional door to B&D® instructions.*




  • Fully tested by CSIRO, all the way up to BAL-40 conditions
  • A complete seal + door system only for B&D’s Panelift and ICON sectional door.
  • Not made of plastic like bristle seals which CSIRO testing shows will melt at BAL-29 conditions.
  • Easy to order, easy to select: BAL-MAZE covers all conditions up to BAL-40
  • Why risk it? Unlike others B&D® had been independently tested by the CSIRO to be certified under Australian standards and BAL 40 compliant. You can now
  • get your favourite B&D® sectional door AND be ready for bushfire season.*
  • Warranty – BAL-Maze™ does not affect your B&D warranty.