B&D Smart Door Solutions – Panelift

Have you ever left the house and forgotten to close the garage door? Problem Solved! Unlike regular doors, Smart Doors can be operated while you are away from home using our smart technology.




Your Smart Door Solution includes:
Panelift Door – Our most popular sectional garage door
Controll-A-Door Automatic Opener
Premium Tri-Tran+ Remote Controls
Smart Phone Control Kit


Ultimate Convenience – Going for run or walking the dog? With a Smart Door, you can re-enter the house through your garage with your phone.
Monitor access to your garage – Smart Doors keep a log on your phone that records who and when the door has been operated. Perfect if you have guests or holiday rentals.
Your Silent Alarm – Smart Doors can send you a message whenever your door is operated or obstructed. Great for peace of mind while you are away from your home.
Warranty – If you register your purchase of a Smart Door Solution online, you receive a B&D 10 Year Total Confidence Warranty.